26: A fireside chat with the CEO

The intimate conversation continues from last time. GolfMD’s CEO shares insights as to why a platform like his is valuable for professionals and students. Read More

25: The Business Of Golf Instruction

We are joined by the CEO of GolfMDs for a riveting conversation about the golf instruction industry. How is it changing? What should instructors be doing to adapt to new technologies? Read More

24: Working with Juniors, pt 2

A continuation of last episode, we dive deeper into the issues facing the parent of a junior golfer.  What are the DO’s and DONT’s for parents? Read More

23: Working with Juniors, pt 1

Something happens to otherwise progressive parents when their kid starts playing golf competitively that changes them.  What happens and what do we do about it?  Lance has the answers for the parents out there. Read More

18: Practice doesn’t always make perfect

Part 1 of a 4 part mega-episodic saga on the topic of golf practice. Lance and Nick take a shallow dive into comfort zones, performance vs training mindset, fishbowls, and pitfalls of despair typically associated... Read More

15: The Body Swing Connection

Many golfers who don’t move as well as they’d like face challenges in their golf swing which are rooted in physical dysfunction.  Tension replaces stability and compensations made to try to get the club on... Read More

14: Golf Fitness Myths and Misconceptions

There is mass confusion in the marketplace around the term golf fitness.  Find out what we’re talking about in this episode focused on fallacies, false beliefs and misunderstandings related to the term ‘golf fitness’ Read More

13: Golf Biomechanics

Biomechanics has emerged in the last decade as a hot topic in golf instruction.  What makes the golf club do what it does?  How do body movements relate to golf swings?  The answers are in... Read More

12: Jason Glass is in the house!

Coach Glass joins Lance for a one on one in depth look into his coaching philosophy.  Jason is well known as a stand up comedian with huge calves who sometimes trains golfers to Load and... Read More

10: A Game Played Bent Over

Golf poses unique physical challenges.  Starting with the fact that we have to hit a ball that’s sitting on the ground.  The entire game is played bent over.  What does this mean for a golfer... Read More

09: Statistical Significance

There’s a revolution going on right now in the world of golf statistics.  But what is the point of all of it? And isn’t even relevant to the average golfer doesn’t have the benefit of... Read More
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